What I Use

I'm a Protools guy. If its good enough for Dr.Dre and Rick Rubin then its good enough for me.  I use several different types of condenser mics as well as Line 6, Digidesign, and DigiTech FX, and a lot of other great brands. But while equipment is important, I really believe a persons drive and creativity is what really counts.

I'll Work With You

Some artists know exactly what they want when they go into the studio. Others need a little guidance. I can work with both. I can record your song exactly the way you want  it, or give you options and ideas to help you find the sound your looking for.

All Levels And Ages Welcome

When I first started playing music I was not very good. Most of us weren't. But we continue on in it and eventually get better. We are all at different levels and stages musically. I welcome beginners and experienced musicians alike. I love teaching those who want to learn and learning from those who want to share their knowledge and experience with me.