Calling All Musicians!


Make Money With My Music?

Yes you can. And you should be. Your songs and recordings are your body of work. It's only smart to try and educate ourselves a little on the business aspect of our music and get paid to do what we already love to do. 

Use The Internet To Your Advantage

It's so cool that tech saavy musicians can work on projects with other musicians anywhere in the world these days. Why arent more people doing it? I highly encourage you contact me if you would like to be a Thunderbolt musical contributor. And it is a paying gig if your music and set-up is up to snuff. 

Members Only

Bet you thought this is where I ask for money. Nope. This club is free membership. (For now) But if you sign-up now your membership will always be free.

Sign Me Up!

Here's what you do. Sign-up for email on the home page. Send me an mp3 or link to your music and tell me a little about yourself. I'll check it out and get back to you shortly.